Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Citation II type rating - Day 1

Today I arrived at CAE Simuflite for their 2-week Citation II type rating course!

This is my first type rating. I have extremely limited turbine time, consisting of just two "right seat" flights, one in a CJ1+ and one in a Citation II. So I really have very little similar experience to go off of.

It should be interesting!

I have leads on some contract pilot work flying Citation II's in the OKC area, so it seemed like now was a perfect time to take that next step. Additionally, I have some remaining GI Bill benefits that will cover much (but not all) of the cost. So with that in mind, why wait?

Mine is a very small class - 3 people total, one of whom is doing the SIC course and will not be with us for all the simulator sessions. So it was pretty easy to figure out who my sim partner would be. The instructor is an active Citation II pilot when he's not teaching, so he will hopefully be able to share a lot of good information.

Today's ground school worked through some of the aircraft systems - landing gear, hydraulics, electrical, etc. It was pretty dry stuff.

Fortunately a friend had gone through the course back in June, and loaned me all his training materials. So I've been studying for a month now and feel pretty ready, although like with most things, I don't really know what I need to know. Though I'm sure the homework (yes, homework!) will help.

But I'm ready for more - bring it on!

Won't see the inside of this for another week - got to finish ground school first!