Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Citation II type rating - Day 2

After finishing my homework last night and getting mostly good sleep, it was on to day 2. Finally today we got into the engines! Sure, yesterday's discussion about electrical systems, emergency equipment and how the flight manual is arranged was necessary, but jet engines have always fascinated me and I was excited to get to this part of the syllabus.

I can tell you now that each engine has 12 fuel nozzles, 1 exciter and 2 igniters. It makes 2500 pounds of thrust at sea level. It has a centrifugal compressor. Maximum turbine temperature is 700 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes, 680 continuous. Max N1 speed is 104%, N2 is 96%. I have these numbers and more all crammed in my brain right now. Hopefully they will stay there for at least another 12 days!

Now, while I haven't flown them, jet engines I've worked with and around before. But other topics today, like the fire protection system were completely new to me. Not many fire protection systems on a Cherokee! Similar for the pressurization system and lots of talk about bleed air - where it comes from, where it goes to, and what it's for. And, naturally, anti-ice systems.

Typical training slide from today:

This is a lot to learn! But it's interesting and I think I'll keep going...

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