About Russ Roslewski, CFI

That's me in a Stearman - what a blast!
Who am I?  I am a flight instructor and active general aviation pilot in the Oklahoma City, OK area. I am absolutely fascinated with all aspects of aviation, and decided to keep this blog to discuss some of the interesting and educational experiences I have while flying and instructing.

I have experience in designing instrument approach and departure procedures, so you will see a focus on instrument procedure design and analysis. If I fly an interesting approach with a student or by myself, I'll write something about it! If you have any questions about procedures, how they're built, why one looks a certain way, or how best to fly it, just ask and I'll do my best to answer.

I really enjoy instrument flight and instrument flight instruction.  I was flying with one of my instrument students, and he noticed I kept saying things like "let's pretend we don't have DME, just for fun" and "why don't we make another turn around this holding pattern, just for fun". To paraphrase, he told me that I sure have a weird idea of fun. (And he's right.)

So, I hope you enjoy the blog. If you learn something new, even better!  Feedback is always accepted and greatly appreciated.

Russ Roslewski

Flight Instructor:
     Airplane Single Engine
     Airplane Multi Engine

Airline Transport Pilot:
     Airplane Multi-Engine Land

Commercial privileges:
     Airplane Single-Engine Land



  1. Ross, what happens to a pilot who removes/documents the VOR from his/her plane when the FAA has pared the ground-based system down to the Minimum Operating Network (2025) and the GPS system goes down? VOR/ILS is supposed to be the backup.

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for reading my blog. As I understand it, the idea is to retain a minimum number of VORs based on the ability to do exactly what you (and many of us) worry about - revert to VOR navigation if GPS goes out. It appears that the VORs selected for decommissioning were selected with this criteria in mind.

      There is a presentation that the FAA did on this very topic, the slides are available at:

      Slide 2 briefly discusses some of these issues.

      Thanks again for reading. And also, I do enjoy your books. Your "Complete Multi-Engine Pilot" book made that multi-engine rating easy!